Thank you so much Sandy for such an amazing Namibian safari adventure – both life enhancing (as promised by our superb local tour company and our two magnificent guides) and, even more, life changing.   I am still trying to process all I experienced and how my journey has impacted me. Every day on safari, I felt so young and alive.  Each morning I woke up asking myself, “What opportunities for joy await me today?” and I was never disappointed.  I cannot remember ever being in such a state of perpetual wonder.

 I know that the African continent is vast and I only saw a slice of it, but my experiences have given me a far different perspective on Africa than what I set out with. Namibia is wild and gorgeous.  Her people are so genuinely warm and friendly.  And her animals, oh her animals! Dazzles of zebras, herds of desert adapted elephants, pronking springbok, lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, oryx – and that’s just the beginning! 

 I felt completely safe, secure, and comfortable, knowing that you had taken care of all the arrangements.  All I had to do was sit back, open my eyes and my heart, and drink it all in.

Ellen S.
Berkeley, CA
August, 2017