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  • To Shop or Not?

    To Shop or Not?

    One issue that frequently creates disagreements on group tours is shopping.  For those who consider it a trip highlight to leisurely peruse indigenous arts and crafts – the opportunity to […]

  • Holiday Folklore and Legendary Characters Across The Globe

    Holiday Folklore and Legendary Characters Across The Globe

    The holiday season in this country is a cornucopia of bright lights, festive decorations, Salvation Army bell-ringers and crowds of shoppers.  For many small children, the face of the holidays is that […]

  • Reflections on Post-Quake Nepal

    Reflections on Post-Quake Nepal

    Having just returned from a very memorable trip to Nepal and Bhutan, I am devoting this rather lengthy newsletter to a somewhat short synopsis of what a small team of […]

  • Culture Shock

    Culture Shock

    As a traveler, at some point in time it is likely that you have experienced a situation in which the rules of etiquette were unfamiliar and the appropriate social interaction […]