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  • Thinking of travelling independently?

    Thinking of travelling independently?

      You might not expect me to advocate solo travel, given that I organize small group tours, but I absolutely do.  Small group tours have big benefits and make the […]

  • Why Masks?

    Why Masks?

    As an avid collector for many years of cultural art, I have amassed a good number of tribal masks and statues as well as other artifacts. (OK, admittedly a large […]

  • Best Travel Advice Ever?  You Decide.

    Best Travel Advice Ever? You Decide.

    As a woman who has traveled to over 90 countries – you might assume that I have the art of travel nailed.  You would be wrong.  I grapple with some […]

  • To Shop or Not?

    To Shop or Not?

    One issue that frequently creates disagreements on group tours is shopping.  For those who consider it a trip highlight to leisurely peruse indigenous arts and crafts – the opportunity to […]