Meet Mohan Maya N. age 78. Donations from some caring Americans and distributed to victims of the Nepal earthquake by a small group of humanitarian Nepali’s are helping her recover from her injuries and the loss of her home.  This is her story as recounted by Sabin Lal Shresta.



Mrs. N. is living alone in small cottage in a village where major earthquake epic center strike left 98% houses in rubble. This is the place where too many human casualties have been recorded as well.

On the day of 1st earthquake on 25th April, 2015, she was busy doing her household work. In this age she is still active and earn herself to live independently. She works in one of the local hospital where she performs her duty of cleaning clothes and linens along with her colleagues. In Nepal, at the age of 78, it is very hard to see people working independently and living alone. As per our culture and society, at this stage of life, they should be living with the children and to receive care from family member. But she is exceptional case.

At the first quake, her small cottage was completely destroyed and she was under debris and helpless. Most of her neighbors are collapsed and died at the same time. But Mrs. N. has a strong power within herself and she was lucky enough to get out herself from debris without help of anybody. The situation was chaotic with everybody running to save their own life and there was nobody to rescue the people who were trapped. Mrs. N. was trapped inside her home completely with one left hand out from debris. She struggle for hour and hour and finally she helped out herself to get out from debris. She was completely injured and was rescued thereafter to safe place.

Now, she is getting temporary shelter in one of her daughter’s house in Bhaktapur and she is taken care of by daughters.  We felt very good to have opportunity to help Mrs. N. though it’s small. Our eyes will be on her and we shall keep in touch with her and shall assist her if there is anything that we can do from our part. She is now slowly recovering from her injury and she nicely explain to everyone how she manage to fight with death and success to live this life from devastating earthquake.

A big blessing and heartfelt thank you to all donors for their humanity and generosity.

Sabin Lal Shresta
Managing Director, Distinctive Nepal