A small country wedged between the powerhouses of China and India, Nepal is a cultural gem renowned for its pervasive spirituality, as well as its natural mountainous beauty. Its rich cultural heritage is the result of a deeply religious population comprised primarily of Hindus and Buddhists who have coexisted for centuries and fused some traditions. Colorful monasteries, shrines and religious architecture abound throughout the land, particularly in the incomparable Kathmandu Valley.

The three royal city states of the Kathmandu Valley -Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur offer the visitor an opportunity to walk amongst hundreds of magnificent ancient towering temples and palaces that have stood for centuries. The crowded streets are a cacophony of sounds and smells, sometimes to the point of being overwhelming, but always fascinating. For connoisseurs of art, the carvings, jewelry and Buddhist paintings by local artist are sure to entice a purchase.

And, of course, there is the country’s breathtaking beauty. Whether one decides to do a short trek or take a mountain- view flight, stunning Himalayan vistas are not to be missed.

A visit to Nepal is intoxicating, otherworldly and endlessly enthralling.

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15 days 14 overnights
Trip Highlights

• Explore the intoxicating ancient streets of famed Kathmandu where chaos and calm co-exist and a riot of smells envelop your senses

• Immerse yourself in the Buddhist and Hindu cultures and marvel at multiple World Heritage Sites

• Wander the hidden back streets of the ancient city states of Patan and Bhaktapur

• Feast your eyes on magnificent medieval temples and shrines

• Meet wondering ascetics who have renounced all worldly goods in the pursuit of enlightenment

• Enjoy exquisite meals and charming Newari accommodations

• Track rhinos and tigers on the backs of elephants in Chitwan National Park

• Relax in the cool mountain air of the resort community of Pokhara and enjoy stupendous mountain views

• Shop at some of the most fascinating boutiques imaginable

Itinerary in Brief

Day 1 Arrival Kathmandu

Day 2 & 3 Kathmandu

Day 4 & 5 Bhaktapur

Day 6 & 7 Patan

Day 8 & 9 Pokhara

Day 10, 11, & 12 Chitwan

Day 13 & 14 Bouddha

Day 15 Departures

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