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If you have been contemplating a trip to Nepal but have delayed because of the earthquakes last year, believe it or not, this is the perfect time to visit this amazing country. I encourage you to join me October 20, 2016 for an incredible journey. Five good reasons why:

  1. Kathmandu is a city where cacophony normally reigns. But as of this writing, hotels which are normally 80% full are only 40% full. That means that one can stroll through the streets and alleyways, visiting sacred Hindu and Buddhist temples without the masses of tourists that typically crowd these ancient sites. You have the space to really appreciate the wonder of the architecture and absorb the centuries of spiritual involvement.
  1. Although some of the country’s famed temples were toppled in the earthquake, many remain and I can state unequivocally that you will be transported back in time as you gaze upon them and encounter local Hindus and Buddhists practicing their daily rituals.
  1. You will experience the joy of knowing that your very presence is the best contribution you can make to the country’s recovery. Tourism is a major economic driver for this impoverished nation and the dollars you spend will be helping vendors, craftspeople, hotel and restaurant workers, guides, drivers and countless others in their efforts to rebuild their homes and support their families.
  1. Nepali’s, who are just about the friendliest people you will ever meet, will welcome you with great enthusiasm. Seeing you there in person offers them hope for the future.
  1. The natural beauty of this country remains unsurpassed. Seeing the soaring mountain peaks of the Himalaya is an experience that will stay with you forever. And, not to be overlooked, gleefully watching baby elephants cavort in the jungle mud of Chitwan National Park is simply mesmerizing.

I could go on and on. Nepal is a country that captivated my heart 40 years ago and continues to do so. So, if visiting has been on your bucket list, this is your opportunity to enjoy all the country has to offer and be a humanitarian at the same time.

I do hope you are tempted and will contact me at scolony@gmail.com . And, if you have friends who you think could be interested, please encourage them to be in touch.


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