My “odyssey” to Nepal was the most spectacular experience of all my travels.

“I have had the incredible opportunity to travel throughout Europe, Asia and South America. Nepal had never been on my “bucket list.” However, I trusted Sandy when she recommended this trip and I can now say that my “odyssey” to Nepal was the most spectacular experience in all my travels. And, it is on my bucket list to go back again! Sandy and her team from the local travel company provided opportunities that brought us intimate with the Nepalese people, their lifestyles, faith and religion, their families and the beauty of the landscape. Her knowledge of the country, culture and traditions (and the shopping) provided a backdrop to a fascinating journey. The accommodations were beautiful and comfortable and the itinerary “flowed.” We never had anything to worry about in our day. And, we had the flexibility to “personalize” our travels in ways that any other tour company could not allow. If you haven’t been to Nepal – GO – and go with Personalized Odysseys.”

Peggy B.
Atlanta, GA