The 2016 Nepal trip was my first Personalized Odysseys trip.  It will not be my last!

Anyone can show you Nepal’s magnificent natural and manmade beauty: the breathtaking Himalayas, the awe-inspiring Hindu and Buddhist temples and monasteries, the glorious elephants and rhinos in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park. But only Sandy Colony and Personalized Odysseys can show you such splendors as well as connect you with the hearts and minds of the Nepalese people.

Besides soaking in the beauty of Nepal, our small group of travelers was invited into people’s homes where we participated as honored guests in local festivals; we walked through small villages with local community leaders who introduced us to so many good humored, friendly, and remarkably resilient people; we had a two-hour private conversation with a Buddhist nun who enlightened us about the basics of Buddhism, all the while sitting in a resplendent temple in the mountains overlooking Kathmandu. And these are only some of numerous opportunities we had for meaningful conversations with Nepalese people about culture, history, and politics. This is all due to Sandy’s personal connections, her excellent planning, and her kind and generous spirit.

Traveling on a Personalized Odysseys trip is an exceptional combination of seeing the sights, meeting the people, and being given the unique opportunity to get beneath the surface in order to understand and appreciate a culture different than one’s own.  The 2016 Nepal trip was my first Personalized Odysseys trip.  It will not be my last!


Ellen S.
Berkeley, CA