Lion approaching copy
If you’re one of those people who keeps “To Do” lists – a cautionary note.  When going on safari don’t let your checklist become an obsession – a “must see list.”

When you initially set out on your adventure, share your wish list with your guide and then, let it go.  Leave it in his hands.   A good guide has intimate knowledge of the wildlife, their habits and how to track them.  An experienced guide is the key to a memorable safari.

Personally, one of my most heart throbbing experiences in Namibia was watching a lioness suddenly tear through the air from the bush, to attack a muscular – and considerably larger – male.  We tourists never saw her coming.  She had cubs hidden in the deep grass and was protecting them.   Our guide had parked us beside a popular watering hole and encouraged us to just sit and watch the animals. He had noted the camouflaged cubs and when he saw the male approaching, anticipated activity.

On another occasion we stopped by a small pond and our guide told us to be quiet and patient.  This was a favorite spot for a local male leopard.  We waited and waited – I got antsy – but suddenly there he was, practically right outside our vehicle.

My safari in Namibia far exceeded my expectations.  Consequently, I’ve partnered with the same local operator so my clients will have an equally wonderful experience.  If you’re interested, contact me.  We’re almost full.