In September 2016 my husband and I traveled to Ethiopia with Personalized Odysseys. We had met Sandy two years beforehand on our return flight from Bhutan and Nepal where she had accompanied one of her groups. In the two years between meeting Sandy and going to Ethiopia, we kept in touch which gave us the opportunity to learn about how she puts trips together. From our first discussion on the plane from Nepal to our trip to Ethiopia two years later, we were impressed every step of the way by Sandy’s trip planning expertise — her knowledge and research about Ethiopia, her meticulous planning, her attention to detail, her screening of potential clients, and her wisdom. Her pre-trip information was by far the MOST thorough I have ever received and including an opportunity to choose which activities we were interested in as well as to propose additional experiences. I was incredibly impressed when Sandy told me she had rejected a couple for the trip because she didn’t think they would be good travelers in the developing country of Ethiopia. (What tour company have you ever heard of that screens participants and sometimes rejects potential clients?) Sandy was available to answer questions and make suggestions every step of the way.

Traveling to Ethiopia with Personalized Odysseys was a fabulous experience. Sandy put together a terrific itinerary. In addition to seeing incredible sights, traveling in such a small group (Sandy limited the trip to 6 participants) allowed us to get up close which would not have been possible with a larger group. This was particularly important for our visits to the tribal villages in Southern Ethiopia.

While we were in Ethiopia political unrest erupted that presented safety concerns and potential obstacles in terms of getting from place to place safely. Sandy, our terrific guide, and Travel Ethiopia, the local Ethiopian company Sandy had chosen, were in continual communication to keep us well informed and to make sure we were safe.

In our many years of traveling with a variety of companies on tours, we have never been as impressed as we were with Sandy and Personalized Odysseys. I look forward to many more trips with this wonderful company. Sandy is a joy to work with and travel with.

Jane E.
Brooklyn, NY