The start of a New Year is likely to inspire you to contemplate destinations to visit during the upcoming year.  To assist you in this endeavor, travel publications publicize their updated top travel choices, selecting countries and cities that might appeal to their targeted audience. This newsletter is a short compilation of some of these recommendations.

Lonely Planet which caters primarily to an adventurous clientele, but also has broad general readership, divides its recommendations for 2017 into four distinct categories:  Top Country, Top Region, Top City and Top Value.


TOP REGION – Choquequirao, Peru

TOP CITY – Bordeaux










and, top value…NEPAL

Admittedly, I was delighted by their top value choice, as Nepal is a country I love and I schedule tours with Personalized Odysseys every fall.  In addition to listing it as Top Value, Lonely Planet also named Nepal number 5 in their overall comprehensive list of best countries to visit, citing the following:

“Even natural disasters can’t keep Nepal down for long. The 2015 earthquakes caused devastation, but what is most striking from a traveller’s perspective is not how much was lost but how much remains. Landmark temples crumbled, but others came through with just the odd tile out of place, and whole swathes of the country escaped serious damage, including most of the popular trekking trails. Nepal has all the skills required to repair monuments and infrastructure, but what it does need is income. By visiting Nepal now and supporting local culture and people, you could help a nation rebuild and bounce back even stronger.”

National Geographic, focusing on travelers whose highest priority is the exploration of natural beauty, lists their top suggestions:

Kauai, Hawaii

Finland (Lapland)

Baja California, Mexico













Travel and Leisure with its emphasis on luxury accommodations and fine dining, cites among its top choices:

Angra dos Reis, Brazil,Belfast, Northern Ireland
and Belgrade, Serbia


Forbes Magazine examined best budget travel destinations and named northern Vietnam, reinforcing my experience that this is a fascinating region that must be included in any tour of Vietnam. It notes:

“Vietnam is known as a budget destination, but the region north of Hanoi along the Chinese border often gets overlooked by travelers. This is truly a shame, because Northern Vietnam is where the most sensational scenery and culture can be found. Rice terraces, towering mountains, twisting roads and ethnic minority people all add to the adventure.”

And, not to be ignored –
which countries are being promoted
as the safest destinations for travelers?

The British publication The Daily Star recommends 10 safe destinations for its readership with Chile, Switzerland, and Bhutan heading up the list.



Bhutan is a country that is on my 2017 Personalized Odysseys tour list. Rather than promote it with words, I encourage you to watch this short video, circulating on Facebook that I’ve included at the end of this newsletter.

Personally, this year, in addition to revisiting some of my favorites, I am planning to go to two new countries longstanding on my bucket list – Ivory Coast, Africa and Iran – countries that for reasons of civil war or political hostility have not been hospitable.  This year offers a window of opportunity that may not last long, so I’m taking advantage of it.

Happy travels to you, wherever you chose to go.