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  • Local Cultures Can Be Mine Fields.

    Local Cultures Can Be Mine Fields.

    Experienced travelers will do a bit of cultural research before visiting an unfamiliar foreign country so as to avoid making a social faux pas. When visiting within our own country […]

  • Travel Alerts & Tips

    Travel Alerts & Tips

    Last fall while I was travelling through Ethiopia, large-scale protests erupted in parts of the country. Although tourists were not the target, one American was killed simply because she was […]

  • This post – quite bluntly – is a promotional one. I continue to opt not to advertise my trips but to rely on word of mouth so that my small […]

  • How Do Other Nationalities Know You Are An American Traveler? A Few Tell-tale Signs. While traveling in a foreign country, have you been readily identified as an American?  Certainly stereotypical […]