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Namibia 2015 – 2 seats openJuly 13-27

Namibia 2015 – 2 seats open
July 13-27

Namibia is a vast country, even by African standards, covering an area approximately twice the size of California and somewhat bigger than Texas, but with a population of a mere […]

Ethiopia 2015 4 seats openSept 24-Oct 12

Ethiopia 2015 4 seats open
Sept 24-Oct 12

It’s one of the best kept travel destination secrets – a country that can trace its roots to the 2nd millennium; is loaded with impressive archeological delights including churches hewn […]

Nepal  2015 – SOLD OUTOct. 17 – Nov 1

Nepal 2015 – SOLD OUT
Oct. 17 – Nov 1

A small country wedged between the powerhouses of China and India, Nepal is a cultural gem renowned for its pervasive spirituality, as well as its natural mountainous beauty. Its rich […]

Bhutan 2015 – SOLD OUTNov. 4 – 14

Bhutan 2015 – SOLD OUT
Nov. 4 – 14

Known as the land of the Thunder Dragon, the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is a land of enchanting monasteries, snow-capped majestic mountains and delightfully friendly people. Culturally rich and determined […]


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