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Uzbekistan 2018April 3 – April 16

Uzbekistan 2018
April 3 – April 16

Have you conjured up in your imagination what a Silk Road City was like during the days of Marco Polo in the 13th century? If so, it most likely includes […]

21.	Etosha National Park in Namibia boasts some 114 mammal species including lions, cheetahs, giraffes, rhinos, zebras, elands, kudos, springbok and more.

Namibia 2018
July 11 – 26

Namibia is a vast country, even by African standards, covering an area approximately twice the size of California and somewhat bigger than Texas, but with a population of a mere […]

Bhutan 2018Sept. 18 – 28

Bhutan 2018
Sept. 18 – 28

Known as the land of the Thunder Dragon, the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is a land of enchanting monasteries, snow-capped majestic mountains and delightfully friendly people. Culturally rich and determined […]

NEPAL 2018September 29 – October 13

NEPAL 2018
September 29 – October 13

A small country wedged between the powerhouses of China and India, Nepal is a cultural gem renowned for its pervasive spirituality, as well as its natural mountainous beauty. Its rich […]


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    Last fall while I was travelling through Ethiopia, large-scale protests erupted in parts of the country. Although tourists were not the target, one American was killed simply because she was […]

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